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Tape Hair Extensions - Fast & Fun!

Why Do You Need Them?
Tape Hair Extensions

Reusable  Tape Hair Extensions

Are you very busy?

Maybe your are use to wearing clip-in hair extensions…..

 GL Apps are the first smart reusable tape hair extensions.   Fast, invisible, and the very best hair.At last there’s hair thickening and hair extensions as smart as many of the things that make our lives sharp, lively and easy.

GL Apps are applied to your hair – without any form of external unit. Quickly, simply and invisibly.


Not enough volume?

Hair too short?

Not the right sort of look?

And on top of all that: Not enough time to get around breathing new life into your hair?


Your tape hair extensions will last up to 6 weeks before you will need to come back into the salon.

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Hair Extensions can be your best friend...because your hair is your best accessory.   You wear your hair everyday, and getting hair extensions will be the best "beauty event" that you will get to experience.

Once you experience Great Lengths....You will know what all of the fuss is about!

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