Hair Salon Specializing in Great Lengths Hair Extensions


Do you need to have your hair longer?

Great Lengths are simply the best extensions on the market.   We have been certified by Great Lengths since 2006.

We offer Thermal Fusion, Cold Fusion and Tape Hair Extensions.

Great Lengths is made out of 100% real human hair.   You can accesorize your hair for color, add thickness and/or add length.

Fixing A Bad Haircut

You do not need to wait to let your hair grow out.   We can even correct a section or your whole hair style.  So, if you have been stressing, then you do not need to, any longer!

“To be able to produce top quality extensions, here at Great Lengths we pay close attention to two characteristics of the raw hair:

  • First, the cuticles must be completely intact so the extensions can develop their shine entirely naturally.
  • Secondly, the hair must be Remy quality, so supplied sorted in the same direction to protect the cuticles and prevent tangling.Hair extensions you can’t feel?  Yes, it’s possible. Great Lengths offers wonderful quality with extremely flat bondings which are not only invisible, but is also hardly noticeable. The dream of dense, long and healthy head of hair – soft, natural hair.
  • Correct care is very important for long lasting extensions.
    Proper hair care with hair care products and brushes guarantee a long-lived look and healthy hair. Ask our Great Lengths partners for professional advice in order to have long lasting joy and perfect extensions.”

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